Tokyo Nights


I love the very essence of photography, the ability to freeze a moment in time and preserve that moment for eternity. For me, photography is a constant journey of exploration and learning - this website is an attempt to share some of those experiences.

A genre that I have become increasingly attached to is street photography. Capturing real people in real life situations, snatches of daily life, those one-off moments that may never reoccur - street photography is a challenge technically and often morally, but that is a debate for another time. A resource I would like to share is a Youtube video by Sean Tucker, Protect Your Highlights: A lesson for light and life. His channel is dedicated not just to technicals, but to the thought processes and philosophy of photography - well worth a follow. There are also many books dedicated to the subject, but one I would recommend is The Street Photographer’s Manual by David Gibson.

Travel and landscape photography will always remain close to my heart and I share some of those images on my other website, www.portraitsofasia.com. The Landscape Photography Workshop is an excellent publication for photographers and takes the reader from the very basics of equipment and exposure through to advanced techniques. Two landscape photography youtube channels worth following are Nigel Danson and Thomas Heaton.

I have two photography books available. Those, and other recommendations, can be seen on my merchandise page.

In terms of equipment, I have long been a user of the Canon full frame systems but use Leica cameras for street photography. Recently I moved to the Sony mirrorless system when travelling due to advantages in terms of weight and space.

I can be contacted on email, coulstockphotography@gmail.com