Portraits of Bhutan.  A collection of images from the Himalayan Kingdom also known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon"

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Portraits of Singapore.  A short collection of images from the City State

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National Geographic Field Guide, People and Portraits by Robert Caputo. This guide covers equipment advice and practical tips on capturing striking images of people

Photographer's Guide To Scotland by Ellen Bowness.  A delightful guide highlighting some wonderful photographic locations in Scotland

Photographer's Guide to the Yorkshire Dales by Ellen Bowness. Over 50 destinations in the Yorkshire Dales, a must-have guide for any photographer visiting this part of the United Kingdom

Wild Guide - Scotland by Kimberley Grant, David Cooper and Richard Gaston. A comprehensive guide over 700 secret adventures, hidden places and wild escapes in Scotland. Complete with maps, accommodation guides and beautiful images

Photographing Scotland by Dougie Cunningham. An extensive photo-location and visitor guidebook by an award-winning photographer

The Street Photographer’s Manual by David Gibson. 20 simple project tutorials with inspiring instruction help guide the reader towards capturing perfect street moments

Mastering Street Photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett. A practical guide to equipment and technical skills that lay the foundation for developing your talents in this genre of photography

Lensball - Original Lensball Pro 80mm, K9 Crystal Ball with Microfiber Pouch. A fun accessory for photographers of all abilities

Lee Filters Landscape Starter Kit - Pouch, filter holder, graduated ND filter and a 2-stop ND filter. An ideal entry kit for those wishing to enter the world of the Lee Filter System